Publications Conferences
  • [121]

    Geon Hwee Kim, Jung Hwal Shin, Taechang An, Intae Kim, Geonbae Lim, Dispensing femto-atto droplets using nanowire, The 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Transducers and Micro/Nano Technologies (2014)

  • [120]

    T. An, H. R. Nam, J. H. Shin and G. Lim, fabrication of SWNT/PPY nanostructure using Dielectrophoresis and electropolymerization, The 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Transducers and Micro/Nano Technologies (2014)

  • [119]

    Jung Hwal Shin, Geon Hwee Kim, Intae Kim, Taechang An, Hee-Sup Shin, Geunbae Lim, Drug injectable carbon-nanotube nanoelectrodes, 2013 Society for Neuroscience (SFN) (2013)

  • [118]

    Hyukjin Jin KWON, Seong Jin CHO, Geunbae LIM, Replicable, Flexible and Hierarchical Structure for Scaffold in Tissue Engineering, The 7th Asian Pacific Conference on Biomechanics (2013)

  • [117]

    Seong Jin CHO, Ye Ji YOON, Seong Kyung Hong, Geunbae LIM, Preparation of Nano-decorated Electrospun Fibers for a Tissue Engineering Application, The 7th Asian Pacific Conference on Biomechanics (2013)

  • [116]

    Hyoryung Nam, Taechange An, Geunbae Lim, Simple fabrication method of nanostructured cell culture substrate to control cell behavior, The 7th World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio(BAMN2013) (2013)

  • [115]

    Taechang An, Hyoryung Nam, Geunbae Lim, Preparation of Nanostructured Polymer Surface for Control of Cell Behavior, International Conference on nanotechnology in Medicine (2012)

  • [114]

    Intae Kim, Taechang An, WooSeok Choi, Chang Sup Kim, Hyung Joon Cha and Geunbae Lim, immobilization method of escherichia coli for microfluidic application, 2013 Transducers (2013)

  • [113]

    Hyobong Ryu, Seong J. Cho, Bumjoo Kim, and Geunbae Lim, A STRETCHABLE HUMIDITY SENSOR BASED ON A WRINKLED POLYANILINE NANOSTRUCTURE, 2013 Transducers (2013)

  • [112]

    Bong-Kee Lee, Jong Hyun Kim, and Geunbae Lim, Micro-manufacturing and Characterization of Copper X-ray Compound Refractive Lens via Deep X-ray Lithography and Electroforming Processes, ICMDT2013(The 5th International Conference on Manufacturing, Machine Design and Tribology) (2013)

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