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Nano & BioMEMS Laboratory (NBL) was established in February 2004 by Professor Geunbae Lim, whose accomplishments include world-first 'Active Catheter' in 1995 that can travel in a blood stream, and the first successful commercialization of Micro PCR in 2003 which can detect viruses using MEMS technology.


Research philosophy: Overcoming the bottlenecks of traditional technologies and creating novel innovative devices by taking advantage of micro/nano scale effects.


Pre-existing semiconductor technologies provide good methodology for 2-D micro/nano structures, but 3-D structures require more; they are more effectively created by utilizing these micro/nanoscale effects: nano droplet, dielectrophoresis (DEP), electrospinning, ion concentration polarization (ICP), nanoscale signal amplification, etc. Nano droplet dispensers, 3-D nanowire & nanofilm biosensors, ion separating systems, brain-machine interfacing systems are researched using the micro/nanoscale effects.


1st-year students of the lab are mandated to learn MEMS processes, electronic circuits, and simple computer automation for the sake of foundational competencies as a researcher.





sketchbook5, 스케치북5

sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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